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Gabriella Lukacs

About Gabriella, a Hungarian fashion designer raised in the serene landscapes of the Northeast countryside, instilling a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty. Earlier in 2009, driven by a passion for sustainable fashion and a determination to combat fast fashion’s environmental damage, Gabriella founded GABE.

Meanwhile, transitioning from a film industry career, Gabriella relocated to Malta in 2016. Here, she continued to nurture her beloved sustainable collections, drawing inspiration from the island’s natural beauty and vibrant culture.

GABE’s core mission is to create timeless, durable pieces that transcend fleeting fashion trends, all through sustainable and zero-waste methods. Furthermore, Gabriella strives to significantly contribute to a better planet, advocating for a conscious and responsible fashion approach.


We creatively reuse


In many of our creations, we use up-cycled, carefully selected fine fabrics to reduce waste and ensure quality.

Since ancient times, people believed that a life force resides in all creations. By valuing and caring for the things we use, we embrace a zero-waste lifestyle, leading to a better living for a new era.

We’re inspired by the idea that a life force resides in all things we craft. This belief fuels our unwavering commitment to sustainability. With each handmade product, we aim not only to reduce waste through up-cycled materials but also to infuse life and purpose into every piece.

Our mission goes beyond fashion. It’s about nurturing a profound connection between people and the planet, fostering a heightened sense of responsibility, and guiding us all toward a more harmonious and sustainable future. Join us on this inspiring journey of mindful craftsmanship and make a difference, one accessory at a time.