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Dreamy Violet Necklace

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Dreamy Violet Necklace


Dreamy Violet is a gorgeous statement piece.
This luxurious piece is handwoven from 3 different type of materials.
Combining violet stretch velvet, black lycra and shiny gold rope.



Elevate your style with the enchanting Purple, Black, and Gold Necklace—a captivating harmony of colors that embodies sophistication and charm. Meticulously crafted, this necklace is a versatile statement piece that exudes timeless elegance.

The Purple, Black, and Gold Necklace is a visual delight, combining the regal allure of purple, the classic charm of black, and the opulence of gold accents. This unique fusion creates a necklace that effortlessly stands out.

This necklace boasts a design that effortlessly transitions from casual to formal, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion. It complements a wide range of outfits with ease.

Our skilled artisans have poured their expertise and passion into every detail of this necklace. From the exquisite purple accents to the shimmering gold elements, each component reflects exceptional craftsmanship.

Designed for your comfort, the necklace features an adjustable length, allowing you to personalize your style and neckline.