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Global consumption of synthetic fiber clothing is a huge concern today, impacting not only the environment but also people’s health. In our Attard-based studio, GABE, upholding the highest ethical standards Рwe offer our clients individual attention and pieces produced out of the finest fabrics employing embroidery, lace making, different weaving techniques, and other traditional crafts. Shop online from our inventory or book an appointment for a custom-made order directly with Gabriella Lukacs.

Lace Products

Maltese bobbin lace

Maltese bobbin lace dates back to the Knights of Malta and has been passed down through generations.

Nowadays very few people remained practicing this craft. It is thanks to their work and dedication that the heritage of lace making remains with us today.

The Merkaba collection aspires to pave the way for many more breath-taking collections to come, always aiming to keep this delicate craft alive.